Health Benefits of Mediterranean Diet

June 30, 2017, by Liza Martin

The Mediterranean Diet is one of the healthiest diets in the world. This is not a diet or diet like Atkins it is more like a way of life. The Mediterranean Diet encourages the consumption of plant-based foods such as, olive oil, dairy products (particularly yoghurt and cheese), and fresh fruits for dessert. And consumption of fish and poultry is now frowned upon but it is not excitedly consumed either. The consumption of eggs is also relatively low, as is the consumption of red meat. Red Wine is consumed in moderation, a heart healthy beverage.

The Features of a Mediterranean Diet All sorts of Plant Foods Abundance Of Fresh Fruits Loads of Beans, Nuts, Cereals and Seeds An estimate of 0 to 4 eggs on a weekly basis Dairy - mainly cheese and yoghurt Olive Oil as the main source of fat Small portions of fish & poultry Very small portions of red meat A Heart-Healthy Diet. The Mediterranean Diet is your Heart's Best Friend. With minimal allowance of red meat, and a moderate amount of fish, which is packed with heart healthy Omega 3- fatty acids is good for your heart, more 2 - 3 portions of fish are consumed in a week following the Mediterranean diet.

The presence of Red Wine in the Mediterranean Diet also works to promote your heart health. And it doesn't stop there; the use of olives and olive oils has a positive impact on your heart health as they have a high level of plant compounds that provide antioxidant properties. A Diet Filled With Dietary Fiber. The Mediterranean diet encourages high amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables. Additionally, this way of life also promotes the consumption of Whole Grains and Legumes - all of which provide you with an abundance of dietary fiber. This dietary fiber eventually helps keep your blood sugar and blood cholesterol levels under control. What's more, a diet that is high in dietary fiber also keeps your bowels healthy.

A Diet With Minimal Calories

The Mediterranean Diet is all about foods such as; Plant Based Foods, Fruits, Vegetables and Low Protein - all of which are low in calories and high in nutrition. Moreover, the use of nuts and seeds as a snack is promoted in Mediterranean diet; a nutritiously rich and quite possible a weight reducing snack. Opt for almonds, walnuts, and pistachios (obviously un toasted). Read Time to Go Nuts for Nuts to understand the importance of nuts in your diet. A Diet That May Prevent Cancer, the Mediterranean Diet does not particularly incorporate processed foods.

Processed foods are believed to cause multiple health problems in addition to Cancer. Moreover, the high consumption of fruits and veggies in this diet essentially means a higher amount of antioxidants which can fight cancer causing free radicals in addition to preventing premature aging. Additionally, whole grains also help put off the development of cancer. A Diet Good for Diabetics People who are diabetic can greatly benefit from the Mediterranean Diet. This is because the Mediterranean Diet incorporates lots of grains and fresh vegetables and fruits, with little bit saturated fat and the use of olive oil.